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Amita Shukla

Software Engineer @ Cloudera

Hi emoji-wave I’m Amita, a Software Developer with 8 years of experience based in India. A programmer at heart, I love building, learning and breaking stuff using code emoji-grimacing. A screen of clean code gives me the same feeling as opening a page from a fresh book…

My expertise lies in building Backend, Big Data and Cloud-based applications, though I also take on database, frontend, machine learning work from time to time.

Tech Stack

My father brought home a desktop when I was 10, back then it was just a sophisticated toy for me. I have come a long way since then, from using applications to writing them.

A chunk of my experience has gone into writing REST web services, engines and frameworks using Java/Spring, batch and streaming data transformations using Scala/Spark/Kafka/Hive/MapReduce, Natural Language Processing using Python/R, and SQL/Python/Shell Scripting.

On the frontend side, I have worked with React and vanilla Javascript, and a little bit with Purescript. This blog I maintain is mainly built on React, Gatsbyjs and GraphQL.

I believe in not restricting myself to the tech stack or programming language but rather focus on the purpose it solves, having switched gears between Python, Haskell, Groovy, .Net/ C#, PHP, C++ in the past. Overtime, I have gotten more inclined towards type safe languages.

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More about Blog

Dive into my thoughts here. I combine my passion of programming, teaching and writing with full length blogs and short notes. This blog is open sourced on GitHub, feel free to submit corrections by creating an issue or fork the repo to create your own blog. I too have built it on top of Atte Juvonen’s starter.