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Perplexed in the world of Science...

February 26, 2017 2 minutes read


After a long break, it was time to go through my YouTube Subscriptions, and dive in the world of Science. Science has never stopped to amaze me, and so happened when I was going through this channel - Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell). After watching each video, I got mixed feelings, of amazement, confusion, sadness, and hope. Giving you a list of some of them so you get the taste!

  • There is our Earth, then the Solar System, the Milky Way, The Local Group, and Laniakea Supercluster.
  • But how far can we go?
  • It looks like we can not go outside our local group. And a time will come (in a few billion years) when we will not even be able to detect these outer galaxies, as they will be far, far away from us. And they are still moving far, far away from us. Depressing, huh?
  • We are prisoners of this Earth, in a way, that we owe it energy. Energy that was used up to build this planet together, us together. And hold it together.
  • How can we break the shackles of this prison and hope to escape?
  • It is not about saving the planet. It is all about saving ourselves. The planet will survive, no matter how much we play with our nuclear toys.
  • Our sun will die. And so will all the stars in the universe. How long will humans survive?
  • Every day, 75 % of you is replaced. Are you really YOU??
  • We may think we’are smart, but we are not. 90 % of our existence was as hunter-gatherers. And, in the Galactic time-scale, we are still embryos.
  • We know the deep concepts of processors - transistors - and how our computers work in terms of bits.
  • Let’s get to Quantum Computers now. A different domain all together! There are qbits. And their state can be low and high of things like - spins, photons, magnetic field… and who talks about high and low? They can be in any proportion of these states!
  • Quantum Computers may cause a revolution in the field of technology and medicine, but it can be used to break out present encrypted systems as well.

Hope these videos will motivate you into science as well. It is amazing to know how the technology around us is unfolding and what are its limits, if any.