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Git exclude v/s Git ignore

May 29, 2022 <1 minute read


If you have files that you wish not to be tracked by git, you need to inform git about it. There are 2 ways to do that:

  1. One is by creating a file named .gitignore, and adding the path of the file you wish to ignore on it.
  2. The other is by appending the file path in file: .git/info/exclude

The difference between these two is that the .gitignore file is part of your source tree, i.e. it is meant to committed and shared across all the clones. So the patterns mentioned in .gitignore will be applicable to all the developers working on the code.

But for some reason you have a file that you wish to only ignore locally, i.e. you do not want the changes you make to these files be tracked, you should add them in .git/info/exclude.